Educational Programmes for Children

We have educated over 42,000 children through schools or other groups around the topics of disability, inclusivity, equality and diversity. We believe that disabled children have an important role to play in mainstream environments and thrive when accepted as equals by their peers.

We use a range of methods and tools to cover areas such as bullying, mental health and accepting people for their differences.

Count Me In puppet programme – this uses puppets to help achieve greater understanding of a range of disabilities, both physical and mental.

Accepting Difference – this covers issues and attitudes of disability and differences including bullying behaviour.

Mental Health and wellbeing – this is for young people to understand the impact that mental health can have and how to manage.

We can work with schools and community groups to deliver both established and bespoke workshops. Our facilitators are qualified and fully DBS checked and we follow all procedures for addressing child protection/safeguarding concerns and the boundaries of confidentiality in all settings.

Contact us for more details and costs of our educational workshops.