Will Malins

If your feel down
Turn that frown upside down
Let’s stop bullying now
Who cares if your coloured disabled or blind.

Rebecca Miltar

One day there was a girl called Abi and she was disabled and one day had to go to a new school. Abi one day had problems spelling a quite easy word, so she asked the person next to her, so he told her and carried on. But the bully didn’t forget, he made Abi’s life but she didn’t tell anyone, so the bully carried on bullying her!

But. One day a new girl came so the bullies started to bully her, but she told someone so they went back to Abi, but Abi had learnt her lesson and told someone too, and her and the new girl became friends!

Amy Gorry

There was a boy called Tom who was a buddy, he was a very good one he always kept everyone safe. So then one day a boy called William he was very mean and he picked on Tom’s best friend called Jack he was a buddy too then William picked on Jack. Then Tom said “why are you picking on Jack?” “because he is weird” “So? Everyone is different” “You’re right, so I will say sorry to who I hurt, Thank you, Bye”

Thomas Harkin

Stop! Stop! Stop bullying it’s not nice! My friend Brise He has been bullied
He could not go to sleep And did not want to go to school So Please STOP!
Why would people bully other people? Don’t bully, don’t bully because it will cause loads of WORRY!!
Bullying it is bad, bullying it is sad. If you see a gang always speak out loud!!!
Don’t bully, Don’t bully because it will cause loads of WORRY!!!
Don’t bully, don’t bully because it will cause loads of worry!!!

Hamaira Zabir

Bullying. Bullying is bad, Bullying is mean,
And once you have started, You feel quite keen.
Once you have started, You feel quite sly,
Why would you do it? Oh why, Oh why!
Please don’t bully, It’s horrid and cruel,
The person that’s being Bullied,
Would rather drown in a pool!

Nicola Swift

Bullying! One day there was a boy that got bullied all the time, he did not do anything about it, then one day his mum saw him upset, so he said some people had been bullying him, so the next day she went to the head teacher and the head teacher told the kids mums and the kids said they would not do it again, but they did in school and out of school so the boy’s mum said have they been bullying him and he said no because the kids said not to grass on him or the kids would do it again and again. But one day at school the kids said where is he and the boy did not go to school for a year and two weeks so it did get very bad. So one day the kids went to his home but the kids did not go to bully him they went to say sorry to him and now they are mates.

Sean Holdsworth

Bullying is mean, Bullying is bad,
When you are being bullied, You feel really sad.
Please tell an adult, Please tell them how,
You have been bullied, Tell them right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie Woodhead

Stop Bullying. Bullying is not acceptable and it is not being well behaved, it is wrong, lots of harm can be done. If it happens tell mum, dad or a teacher. Just tell an adult and an adult can help you and tell the person off, please stop bullying now. Stop STOP STOP please.

Victoria Haigh

Stop Bullying. Bullying is not acceptable, It is definitely wrong, Lots of harm can be done, To stop this happening you can try to Tell an adult or tell the bully to STOP, STOP bullying you again, STOP, STOP bullying you again!

Alex Contrino

The Power Of Me Today I bullied someone, He was very sad,
Everything went wrong. Power of me was bad,
Olly didn’t like me anymore, What I did was wrong,
Everything turned me into a bully, Really I wanted to be his friend,
But, Olly didn’t want to be mine, Finally the teachers sorted it out,
Me, myself and I stopped bullying then… Everything went right!

Aaron Shales

Will This Go Away? All of this started last year in May,
But when I am thinking I’m dreading the next day,
I will not tell my mum, I will not tell my dad,
I can’t believe it has got this bad.
Then I found out my friend was on their team.
What have I done? Why are you so mean?
Then that day came, it was time it went away I told my dad ……….. Hurray.

Lydia Marshall

Stop Bullying. Say No! to bullying, Tell somebody if you are being bullied,
Only tell your parents or teachers People will help you. Bullying is wrong.
Use only the word No! Lies do not tell them. Look after anyone that is being bullied,
Yell for help if you are being bullied. If someone is bullying you shout NO!!!
Go help the people that are being bullied.

Cameron McCormack

Bullying. Bullying is very wrong Understand the meaning of NO!!
Like cyber bullying it is wrong Like each other big or small You should ignore it or tell
If someone bullies you say I NO!! Good job

James Goodall

Have Some Fun Bullies please stop and just have some fun!
We want the kids to all be happy so… Bullies please stop and have some fun!
We all want you to change your ways, so… Bullies please stop and just… HAVE SOME FUN!

Alexander Manwaring

Stop the Bully! Bullying, You can make it stop.
Lies never tell them. Bullying, You can make it stop.
Lies never tell them. Nothing but you can stop them,
So go tell them to Stop!

George Howson

The bully! A bully came to school today. He frightened me to death. He pushed me on the floor. I shouted “help, help!!” Someone came over and said “what’s wrong” “Can’t you see you silly fool he pushed me on the floor.” Give me your money. I have no money for my dinner.” The head teacher came and said get off him he rejected because he wants his money. He went to the head teacher’s office. She said “Why was you bullying that boy?” He said “because things have been happening at home and I am really angry.” So he went and said sorry.

Bethany Duncan

A girl was at the park and some other girls came. She was playing on the swing, they pushed her off and they sat on the swing. The girl said “I want my swing back.” The other girl said “you are so stupid and this is where we hang out so go away but this is a public park and we like it, if you want to stay here you have to give us £1.00 each.” So she did and they locked the gate and called her names she said “you let me go” so she ran out and the next day she went back to the park. “NO!!!” she said and the bullies left her alone.


Hi my name is called Emma my best friend is called Ella I can tell funny stories about monsters and ghosts and more. She lets me go round and play and have tea. One day I went to school my best friend when someone came up and said “You are so ugly, know that?” then he said things that weren’t true about us and then he said “give me your money, you know, the money for your dinner.” “We don’t have the money for dinner we are having sandwiches instead of a dinner.” So we left him at school but he run up again and said that we have to give him our homework so we said “NO!” so he grabbed our rucksack and took the homework and left us alone then I went home and went upstairs to my room and went online to tell my best friends and said to them that I have been bullied at school today again. My best friend said that I should tell my mum about what happened at school today so I did. She said that I should run to a teacher and say to her that I was being bullied so I did. Bullying has to stop now.


Bullying, bullying when will it stop
‘cos we say NO, no, NO, no to bullying in our community!
If it doesn’t stop we will come to power and if you bully you’ll have to pay the price,
Cause we say NO, no, NO, no, to bullying in our community.
When will bullying stop cause I hope it does
cause I say No! No! No! No! to bullying in our community.

Bullying is wrong so make it stop
Up to the top where freedom is waiting
Lying is worthless it just puts you down
Living a life that’s upside down
You have the power to stop this nonsense
In such silly situations you know what to say NO, NO, NO, NO to bullying
Good times await YAY!