Rachel Cook

Heart beating like a drum, Legs like jelly, Eye watering like a tap,
Can he see me? Has he seen me yet? Then he spots me?
The Bully
I walk slowly into the corner, Head bowed, Wishing I was invisible
He runs away laughing at me? Calls me names. Who can help me?
Help me please.

Joe Loring

Heart beating, Body shaking, Head heating, Eyes watering,
Mouth chattering, Has he seen me,
Body charging, Legs paralysed, Rapidly breathing, Ears listening,
Arms rattling, Oh yes the bell, And no sight of, THE BULLY.
Is he there? The bully Why is it me? The bully Has he got a gang?
The bully Will he push or kick me? The bully
Would he laugh at me? The bully How would he feel?

Holly Hare

Is he here? The bully. Is he watching me? The bully. Has he got a plan?
The bully. Why is it me? The bully. Is he behind a tree? The bully.
Has he got a gang? How would he feel? Like me.

Lauren Taylor

Has he seen me? Standing in the corner, All my friends have left me.
THE BULLY Then he stares at me, With his icy cold stare,
My eyes begin to water, He’s walking towards me! THE BULLY
My legs turn to jelly, Eyes darting, looking for somewhere to hide,
He’s found me!

Katie M.

THE BULLY He hits me, Laughs at me, Calls me names, I’m the victim,
Are you? The victim.

Ephraim Murray

Heart thumping, Teeth grinding, He made me lose a tooth,
Looking for a victim, It’s me, Racing like a road runner, Can’t cope with his speed,
He’s speeding, He’s found his victim, THE BULLY He ran to me like a Trojan,
Punches me, lost a tooth, Why me? Just why? Phew saved by the teacher.

Mia Curley

Heart thumping like a drum, Tear dropping from my eyes, Eyes darting, looking.
Where’s the bully? Has he spotted me? I hope not, I tip toe into the corner,
Wishing I could not be seen, Why did he choose me? I must not cry, Thankfully the bell as rang

Michael C.

The Bully Why did he choose me? The Bully Why did he push me?
The Bully Why does he call me names? The Bully Why does he make me feel small?
The Bully Why does he attack me? The Bully How does he know me?

Nicole Michaelakaki

Heart beating like a thousand drums Belly wobbling Eyes snappy, looking all around
Hands sweating Mouth dribbling dip drop Has he heard me? Ah Ah I scream.
Then he was gone I know I was the victim.

Morgan House

Heart pounding quickly What shall I do? Eyes staring everywhere
Where is he? Has he seen me Oh no my eyes are starting to water
Has he spotted me? Please no Is he here yet? I walk terrified onto the grass
I wish I wasn’t here Laughing terribly he pushes me Calls me horrible names
Thank God it’s home time!!

Lauren Stead

I see him round the corner, I’m wondering what he’ll do, The bully comes to find me,
And I don’t know what to do, Do I tell a teacher? Should I leave it unsaid?
Here he comes to beat me up, Thinking what he’ll use, Will he punch me?
Or will he kick? Or will he beat me with a stick? Ding dong, Phew, saved by the bell!!

Katherine Asquith

Oh no break time, I want to go home, My heart was beating like a drum,
Legs wobbling like jelly, I had a lump in my throat, I must not cry,
The bully walked towards me, Finally the bell went I walk into the playground
I’m terrified Has he spotted me? The Bully I see him walking towards me
I’m in trouble He kicks me I scream The Bully He said “Shut up!” The teacher comes
Saved by the teacher.

Katherine Asquith

Is he near? The bully Can he see me? The bully Why did he choose me?
The bully Why does he call me names? The bully Why does he make me feel small?
The bully Why does he attack me? The bully How would he feel?

Reece Carroll

Heart pumping really fast, Legs feeling like jelly, Eyes watering,
Has he seen me yet? I’ve seen him and he’s seen me, Feel like crying as he walks towards me, I start to run as he runs after me, I get up to where we have to line up,
FINALLY the bell.

Chelsea Shoesmith

Heart pounding, Eyes watering, Belly wobbling like jelly, Is he looking at me?
Is he coming? Then he comes for me! THE BULLY I run into the toilets,
Head down, Wishing he would go away, Giggling he punches me,
Kicks me, Shouldn’t, Shouldn’t worry, Thank goodness it’s golden time!

Sarah Ford

Heart beating like a racing car, My spine is shivering, Eyes darting everywhere
Is he near? He’s seen me Why does he go for me? Just about to push me
Saved by the bell How would he feel?

Callum Cassidy

Legs like jelly, Scared of going into the playground, I want him to leave me alone
He saw me, He pushed me into the corner, Laughing at me as he does it.

Millie Barnes

Heart beating fastly, Legs like a wobbly jelly, Eyes watery, Where is he?
Oh no he’s coming here, I know he’s going to kick me or punch me or anything!
Ough the bell, No it’s him whistling! Can’t he be nice? He’s a big bully Finally the bell.

Ellie McNicholas

Shivering like an iceberg, Shaking like crazy, Nervous everywhere,
No they can’t, They can’t have spotted me I can’t cry, not today I must run but I’m trapped Then I said “Please not now” He hits my face But I don’t want to die today…

Thomas Shaddock

Why does he hurt me? The bully Why does he make me shake? The bully
Why does he make me worry? The bully? Why does he punch me?
The bully Why does he hide to hurt me? The bully Why does he chase me?
The bully How would he like it?

Katie Bush

Oh no not break-time, Will he see me? My legs feel like jelly, My eyes fill up with tears, Not fair, ten minutes until the bell, He has spotted me, He’s getting closer,
Somebody help me, please, He pushes me, Must not cry, must not cry,
I want to go home, Thank goodness the bell, When will it stop?

Alfie Taffinder

Heart pounding, Legs trembling, Eyes searching the playground,
Wondering what to do, There, I hear footsteps, The bully walking forward,
Push!! On the floor I lay hurt, Kick!!
Ouch clutching my damaged leg, There he walks off laughing madly,
I struggle to get up, hopping, anything to stay up, Ding-dong.
There I go hurt Walking into class Finally no sight of the…BULLY!!