Testimonials Mental Health and Well-being Training


I really enjoyed the training. It gave me lots of ideas.

I enjoyed the course very much. It gave me time for me to understand more in day to day life.

This has been a great help and I have learnt lots from this.

Kidz Aware have helped me out a lot and the course has been helpful.

Everyone very friendly, made to feel welcome. The course was very well delivered and extremely informative. Helped me as a person.

Well presented, speakers very knowledgeable. Made to feel welcome and relaxed, everything covered.

I have found all the training sessions helpful and very interesting.

I have attended this course and have found it to be very helpful, found out a lot of things about myself I didn’t know. Also, I have found ways I can help myself and others.


JULY 2016

I found the course full of very useful information. Where to look, also practical advice, done through role play, which gave good ideas on how to deal with things. For me I will be taking on the idea on how to work through issues more and to have action plans in place too. I would recommend this course.

The training on this course was fantastic. It has helped me immensely in seeing and doing things differently and looking after myself as well as others.

All the information was very easy to understand and delivered in an extremely friendly way. Gillian has made me feel very welcome as has the rest of the group. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling as I have been made to feel at ease when discussing any problems, I wanted to share and did not feel judged at all.

Kidz Aware has helped me a lot and my mental health is getting better and that is because of Gail’s group has helped me to get to know people and there are other people like me and we can help each other.

The training has helped me understand my problems and given me some ideas on how to control my moods. Also, the information provided will let me keep on track. I loved the humour of all the people, knowing they are suffering with mental health but that training gave us a boost of confidence and hopefully made some long-lasting friendships.

I am happy that I took the time to come as I have learnt to cope a lot better with situations and I don’t know what I would have done without it.