Nelly Taylor

One sunny afternoon Holly was sitting on the field at school. Holly decided to go for a walk around the school field she stopped and looked at some flowers.

There were some nettles around them suddenly a Year six boy came up to her and pushed her in Holly got stung. A teacher saw her. She rushed to Holly and said, “Are you ok”?

“What happened” Holly replied, “I fell” the teacher found a dock leaf and walked away. Just then the bell went Holly ran to the line. The teacher walked out and said “Holly’s line go in and get your belongings and come back out.” When Holly was out her mum was already waiting for her.

Her mum asked her why she had pink spots on her leg she said she’d tripped and fell into a patch of nettles. When they got home Holly was tired she went to bed. Her mum followed Holly up to bed and talked to her about the boy pushing Holly into the

The next day Holly’s mum found the boy and warned him about bullying. The boys name was Rian. His sister’s name was Mollie.

Mollie was Holly’s friend. Rian said sorry to Holly. Rian never bothered Holly again. And no one else bullied Holly.

Mollie Smith

On a warm sunny Tuesday I went out into the playground. I was playing with my friend Nelly, we went to the green grass and played leap frog. Gradually lunchtime went on and Nelly needed the toilet so I said “I’ll wait here.” But when Nelly came back I was being bullied.

So what Nelly did as soon as she saw she went to get a teacher. The teacher said “you are coming with me to the head teacher.” But then the teacher Mrs Molinder asked me what he was saying to you. I said “he was saying I smell I’m fat my breath smells and stuff like that.”

Mrs Molinder said to me “stay away from him.” So me and Nelly skipped off happily. We started to play leap frog again.

Caitlin Jewell

One sunny afternoon me and my friend went out side to play. Everyone was allowed on the grass. I had to go to the toilet I felt very happy because it was sunny.

When I came back a bully was bullying my friend. I certainly did not want to get involved but I knew a friend isn’t a best friend but anyway it wasn’t right to bully. For a start I didn’t think he should bully her just because she had hurt her hand and couldn’t do a cartwheel anymore.

As soon as a teacher walked past me I knew what to do, tell an adult. It was a good idea. Suddenly the bell went I realized the bully was in class 9. When we went inside I told my teacher. At last it was sorted out in the end though.

Ben Broors

One day at school when it was playtime. I was playing with my best friends. Just before the bell went off. I was on the grass when somebody came to me and grabbed me. Pushed me over and started kicking me. He said to me that if I told anyone he would do it harder but I told a teacher and she told him off. Had a little word with him and made him miss playtime so I could play normally.

Brian Appleyard

One sunny morning I woke up feeling happier than ever. I got dressed, had breakfast and set off to school. At playtime I played with my best friend called Jack Johnson. Me and Jack went to go play on the play bridge but……… the school bullies were in the way Jack said “scuse me” but the bullies said “NO!” Then I needed the toilet so I went then Jack said it again then the bullies pushed Jack and he tripped up. I saw what happened I knew I had to run back so I did and I was just in time to catch him.

Benjamin Taylor

One summer morning I was playing in the street with my friends. I had my hat on which had a crocodile on it. The next day at school I had my hat on. Loads of people were staring and laughing when I was playing on the grass when some older children came over and said “give us that hat or we will have to get it ourselves.” Quickly I rushed over to tell an adult.

Harry Giles

On a miserable rainy morning. I was making a fabulous picture when a boy came along and lied to me. Then crumpled up my picture. I wasn’t happy at all. I didn’t bother to ask my teacher because I was too scared and she might tell me off. Then I found one of my best friends and asked them how to help. They said tell a teacher no I don’t want to tell a teacher no I don’t want to. Do it and she will help you. Ok I’ll do it. And she helped me and she told the boy off and I was happy for the rest of the day.

Michall Camithus

One day I was playing at school. I was playing with my friends on the field. We had nothing to play. A group of boys were playing a nice game we asked if we could play but the boys said no in a nasty way.

The next day me and my friends were skipping and those group of boys came and spoilt our game one of them called us names and the boy that said no smacked me round the face. The next day when I woke up I cried to my mum about the bullies so me and my mum went to the head teacher the head teacher said to the boys please stop bullying people and they did stop bullying.

Aaron Hammond

One school day me and my friend was playing together at playtime. It was a wonderful sunny morning and because it was sunny we were allowed on the grass. Just then some kids who was older than us started kicking us and following us and then they said if we tell anyone that they will badly hurt us like punching us.

The next break me and my friend stayed away from the bullies and thought of a way not to get hurt and then we thought after school me and my mum go to the office and tell them what happened.

So after school me and my mum went and told them what happened. The next day when I was walking down the corridor I saw the bullies sat waiting outside the head teachers room.

Tommy-Lee MacIntyre

One dark morning we went inside the school after the bell. Then when I kept walking past he called me names. All I did was walk away. I didn’t tell my mum. But I thought I should have told Mr Pereps.

I told my mum and she stopped him bullying me. I was happy after.

Amber Pattison

One sunny beautiful morning me and my friend Leia was playing one lovely green long grass and I said I need the toilet. So I went to the toilet when I came out these big boys were bullying my friend. So I went to the teacher and she sorted it out and then the boy started to bully me and I told the teacher and he stopped bullying.

Brice Blenkin

On one sunny afternoon. I was playing with my friends and I had gone into my classroom and got a delicious apple and brought it outside. In a split-second a enormous big boy pushed me over and I fell to the floor.

My friends helped me get up. The bully ran away out of sight. I ran to a nearby teacher. I explained it what happened and she caught him and he got told off. And he wasn’t a bully again.

Saffron Morerewether

One day a girl called Jade was sitting nicely on the grass with her best friend. Jade was quite small and her friend was too so people called her names that weren’t very nice. When people walked past and said “hello smally” nobody would play with her so she always was with her best friend and some days when her friend wasn’t at school she had nobody she only walked around with the teacher sat alone.

She thinks she will never get another friend. A few days later a new girl called Holly she was quite small too Jade thought that Holly could come and play with Jade because she was looking very worried so they are best friends and have there own little gang.

Harvey Baines

It was the morning I was chatting to my friends when a big lad stomped! up to me. He started to shout! at me then he… punched me in the tummy.

Close by there was a teacher I went to her. I explained what had happened to me. When I went home I told my parents. The next day my dad went to tell the head teacher then he didn’t bother me anymore.

George Newton-Beck

One day after school me and Michael went to the park. We were playing really nicely with my football until three big boys came and said I want that ball. Me and Michael didn’t know what to do then Rian said NO! When I went home I told my mum about the three boys. Then my mum sorted it out with the boys.

Kallum Towell

Once I was playing with my friend and I said to him I have to go but he said I want you to stay. I went to ask my mum if I could play a little longer. So I played out a bit longer but I could not see my friend.

Then he just ran out of nowhere and took my bat and scooter so I went to see my mum and she said find them. I did eventually find them and he got done.

Libby Hudson

Once I was playing out in the park with my friend called Mollie. We was playing on the swings. Then Mollie went back home it was getting dark my mum said I could have 20 more mins but then a group of boys and girls started to beat me up.

So my cousins heard me screaming so they came out with my dog she’s very vicious. When my cousins came out I was scared. I let my dog off the lead and she ran after them to scare them away. At last it was time to go in and I went to bed.

Chelsea Robson

One day me and my friend was walking home from the shop and a girl and a boy came up to me and my friend and said “give me your bag” my friend said “NO!” so they started to snatch the bag off my friend. So I started to shout for help. And a man heard me. And saw the girl and boy trying to snatch the bag off my friend. So he separated my friend and the girl and boy and made them say sorry.

Archie Roulands

I was the happiest person in the school. But till those three bullies came to me and said “give me your dinner money or else” “ but I’m sandwiches today.” “Well then give us some money or we will punch you so hard it will make you cry till the bell goes for home time.” So I went to the teachers so the teacher went to speak to the bullies.