Our Services

Our services are the core of what we do. We routinely provide the following services to disabled individuals, parents and carers, schools and service professionals:

For disabled young people:

  • Disability, Equality, Racism and Bullying awareness programmes in all educational settings
  • Young people forum
  • Parties and community activities that foster a sense of community and belonging for local families. Christmas parties, summer fetes and activity days are all examples of events we have organised 

For parents and carers of disabled persons: 

  • Information, Advice and Guidance across a range of disability related areas
  • Advocacy services for parents and carers of a disabled child/adults. Our Advocacy Service ensures parents and carers can address issues and concerns they may have, meeting the requirements of legislation
  • Support parents and carers in accessing services for the disabled person they care for and importantly themselves
  • Benefits forms and funding forms can be filled in with our support
  • Support individuals in meetings
  • Educational support
  • Parents forum
  • Awareness sessions within our communities including Fun Days, Galas and Children’s Parties. Whilst offering extensive support and lots of fun, these community events raise important issues at a community level about disability, bullying and racism

For volunteers, schools, teachers and service professionals: 

  • Our award winning “Count Me In”, “Let’s Prevent Bullying” and “Accepting Difference” programmes
  • Operating across West Yorkshire, centred in Wakefield, these interactive sessions are available across a range of flexible delivery solutions including small groups, classes or large groups up to a max of 60 children. Key Stage 3 and 4 programmes operate at a maximum of 30 young people can be delivered in classrooms
  • Training for carers, volunteers, disabled persons and service provider professionals to develop skills and knowledge on the barriers faced by carers and the disabled person 

All people are different and we recognise the powerful potential that differing views, thoughts and ideas can have in helping us achieve our goals. We will be EMBRACING of all people and communities who share a common desire to support improvements in services and opportunities for people with disabilities and their carers.

EQUALITY is for all people to see people rather than their disability, recognising that people with disabilities aspire to achieve the same things in life as everyone else. We will always work with all people – as service users, partners, suppliers and staff – in a way that recognises their right to equal treatment.

We aim to be an INSPIRING organisation, encouraging people to engage in our services, becoming new partners and working with us to bring out about change.