When we arrive at the school we set up the stage and wait for the children to arrive, we ask the children to sit next to the stage so that they can see the puppets. The first puppet is Gina who has a visual impairment and cannot see, she is also ethnic, the second puppet is Sally who has a physical disability and is in a wheelchair. Gina explains what we are going to do in the show and asks the children what they think bullying is and what types of bullying there are.

We discuss with the children, through Sally, about how she was physically bullied in school and what happened and how she got help, the children ask Sally lots of questions. This is followed by Gina explaining to Sally that she was not physically bullied, but verbally bullied by her next door neighbour and how her neighbour kept calling her names because of her ethnicity and disability. She tells how her mum helped her talk to the neighbour about how wrong it was to say these things and explain that it is bullying and words can hurt.

This is followed by our Difference discussion where the young children are asked questions about differences such as the colour of their eyes, their hair, their skin and how we dress, speak etc. and that everyone is different, but we all have a heart that can love everyone.

Sally says she needs to go home now and then Gina calls up Ben who is a bullying ambassador. He was bullied at his old school and then he started to bully people at his new school as his peers told him to and he wanted to fit in.

Ben explains what happened and that what he did was wrong and how with the help of the teachers and friends he made, he turned his life around and that he is now an ambassador for saying no to bullying. He tells of how he now goes into educational settings to help young people understand that bullying is wrong, but you can get help if you are being bullied and also if you want to stop bullying.

The children ask Ben lots of questions from their own experiences and ask Ben how they can get help, what and where, that they can get help in school etc.

Next we all sing the Let’s Prevent Bullying song. After this the children are put into two teams to do an interactive quiz about bullying, they are told that it is important that they go to the answer they think is correct, rather than follow their friends as this will allow everyone to discuss the answers.

We then have role play session of true scenarios on bullying incidents. The children act out these scenarios and the other children discuss what they could have done differently and what could happen and where to get help.

This is followed by a discussion on what the children have learned from the session, they are shown techniques they can use if they are being bullied or are in a dangerous position. Then the children are a bookmark with information and advice on how to get help and what to do in situations where they are either being bullied or see someone being bullied.

After this we say goodbye.