This programme is aimed at older children and covers issues around different types of disabilities and the impact these disabilities can have on a person. The programme starts with an interactive quiz to open up discussions.

The children talk about what disabilities they are aware of and what difficulties the disabled person may have; this is followed by Sabrina who is disabled herself talking about her disabilities and the barriers she faces.

This is followed by range of true life scenarios that the children can do role play with, these scenarios address the experiences of disabled people, discrimination and what if situations offering the young people opportunities to share their experiences and advice for others.

This is followed by opportunities for the young people to try out disability aids such as simulation glasses to understand what it would be blind , learn sign language, use Braille, look at different types of aids that a disabled person may use and how they can provide help and know what terminology to use.

At the end of this session each young person is given a book mark with information around disability and equality.

After this we say goodbye.