When we arrive at the school we put out three chairs next to where the young people will be sitting we ask the young people to sit as near to us as possible so they can hear and interact.

We discuss with the young people what they think Bullying is, what Racism is, what Discrimination is and what do they know about different disabilities.

Following this we use an interactive quiz around all these issues ensuring we cover Cyber Bullying and hate crime, as young people are facing this type of bullying more and more, this quiz tends to get the young people discussing the answers and opens up a dialogue of how this would make them feel if they were in that situation.

This is followed by true scenarios which are around Cyber bullying Hate websites, Racism Bullying and Discrimination, these scenarios really get the young people involved and are used to explain the danger they can be in if they do not ensure that they use safety settings in all situations through mobiles Facebook hate websites etc. and know what to do in situations.

After this we discuss what we have learned in this session and what we need to do in the future as many of these young people request our help in telling their teachers or parents and in some situations need to know there is someone else who has been through the situation and understands how this has affected them.

We then move on to, what can I do questions, which we sometimes receive from young people through email or post and we ask the young people what they suggest this young person can do, this way they are not just helping us to help the young person but are also helping themselves so they know what to do in that situation or how not to get themselves in that situation.

This is then followed by a discussion on what the young people have learned from the session and the young people are shown techniques they can use if they are being bullied or are in a dangerous position.

This is followed by us giving each child a bookmark with information and advice on how to get help and what to do in situations where they may need help and contact of where to get help.

After this we say goodbye.